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The Flow

Yes to myself, first

On the topic of emotions.

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I wrote the other day that I have been free of anxiety for three weeks. It’s been liberating, but it would t go away until I could let it go. Until I could trust the fact that I could be anxiety free. Those of you who know, you’ll know what I mean.. Anxiety is in a way “the safe place”. Who are you without the anxiety? I’ve tried to to things that are unlike me in the last month or so. Dare to be who I want to be, and not who I used to be locked into.

I feel grateful for all that was, hopeful and excited for all that is to come.

I have been able to hang on to positive emotions in a way that seemed impossible before (I thought it was just me). I realise now, that the growth I’ve done over the last four years with Massive, is different from the changes I made in my daily life. Daily life remained the same, while I changed immensely, in the inside. My behaviour didn’t reflect the person I became. I’m getting to know her still (this is just the beginning).

I take more photos of me, and suddenly it actually looks like I smile with my eyes, not just with my lips. Maybe my environment has been more limiting than I dared imagine? And if that is true, imagine the possibilities - they’re unimaginable. Which means, the future holds a lot of potential and opportunities, probably more than I’ve been able to see.

All I want is to be happy. I want to say YES to myself. Everyday, I want to say yes.