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The Flow


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Gratitude. Gratitude for all that has been, all that is, and all that is to come. Gratitude for good times, gratitude for bad times. I’ve been shaped by it, tempered by it and I’ve learned from it. A part of learning to say YES to myself more often is to be able to move on, change hats or do something differently, without worrying so much about the actual change and it’s effect on other people. I care a lot about the people I love, which often leads to me saying say a little to often to them, and then I find myself in a position I can’t “fix” and they (might) get offended. I hate it when I offend people, or when I make people uncomfortable when that isn’t my intention. I never mean for that, but IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I need to accept that and also need to understand that maybe life isn’t so hard, if I’m just saying yes to myself more? 🤔 I’ve had an amazing weekend with pretty much 90% yes to me. I have kept my email/texts/social to a minimum, barely even looked at my phone. I’ve made food, every day, that was delicious. I’ve done something very hard and emotional when it comes to living environment. I’m dealing with a work situation. I’ve also been happy and excited about the future! So I’ve experienced almost my entire emotional span, in just three days. Phew! I am very happy though, that I am now capable of feeling all the feelings, but also letting them go. I am not my feelings. I just have them. 🌊 It’s nice to ramble in the night. Goodnight, World.