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The Flow


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Yesterdays picture, today’s feeling 🤔 I’ve tried to figure myself out for some time now, which is hard, but very valuable. And some things are really unnice to see (totally sure that’s a word). I think my biggest struggle to accept about myself currently, is the fact that I used to be able to work 10-12 hours days, 6-7 days a week without issue. Since I started my “inner journey”, and started cutting down on work/relaxing/recovering more, that number is now down to 3-4 hours and 3-5 days a week. All the rest of the time is insanely unfocused, tired, confused and non-productive. For all of my life I’ve been a perfectionist (not as bad now), and I have always managed to be decently productive. Now it doesn’t happen like that, and the fact that it is like that sucks major balls! I’m proud of how far I’ve come with the perfectionism and recovery time, but damn, it takes me forever to get anything done! I miss my productivity, and I miss being able to FOCUS on a task. Do you have any idea on how to improve focus? Like now?