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The Flow

Less stress, more abs!

Had a rough day, went to sun bed, came home, took of clothes, passed mirror to jump into shower. SPOT ABS. Immediate selfie break 📸🤤

20180213 Less stress, more abs!.jpeg

I feel like I don’t “deserve” them, because I train very little, haven’t had a protein shake in forever, I’m not paying too much attention to what I put in my mouth and I’ve just been happy with my body the way it’s been lately. The big difference is I have reduced stress A LOT. And changed my environment drastically. Removed unnecessary stressors, dealt with a f*ckton of feelings and dared to look at my inner darkness (and shared it). Both my mind and my body seem to respond really well to it. Despite not having trained much lately, I still feel strong and like I know every cell in my body. For me, that’s pretty magical. I really do love my body, for what it can do, and also the way it looks. I’m proud of myself. ♥️

Also, on the topic of emotions. First I felt really guilty about posting this. Because I’m not all about abs and leanness and being “fit”. I love happy people. Not fat free people. I wanted to share because I think the emotional aspect of my recent changes has greatly contributed to the status of THE LOOK AND FEEL of my body. I hope that this doesn’t trigger anybody to feel any negative emotions towards their own body. You are you, and you are beautiful too. ☀️