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The Flow

Naked. Naked in the dark.

20180307 Naked in the Dark.jpeg

Naked. Naked in the dark. Naked in the light. As I uncovered the darkness within me, I felt like I was stripping off clothes, skin, flesh. All the way to the bone, and then some. Vulnerability. I let someone in, into the bones. Into the heart. I shed light into the dark. I chose light. Wandering around in darkness takes me nowhere. But with guidance from the light, I can go anywhere. I feel now, that things are changing within me. It’s no longer only rational thoughts that are on the right path. But the feelings are too. I feel the anonymous dark arms of the depths pulling me, urging me to come back. But I say no. The demons can’t control me.

I have been breaking. Breaking apart, dying. Everything I thought that I knew, I do not know. I know nothing. I am in the process of accepting this, as I step into awareness. Awareness of being, acting, seeing, feeling.

I am stripping down, leveling up, and becoming a new being. Reborn. Same me, but not the same. Fear, begone.