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The Flow

I miss my BFF ♥️

Mimmi ♥️ Best friend, and soulmate.

Tonight the sorrow and sadness of her passing came over me again. Like a flooding of the heart, it spilled, I broke a little bit and I miss her terribly. I wonder who she would be today. Thinking back on some of our memories together - I can’t think of anyone better to make memories with. We used to walk our dogs in the forest, Selma & Eddie. We talked about life, mental health and experiences. We went to festivals and made friends. We went to Serbia, Poland and Hungary for adventuring. We bought our first Dr Martens at the same time. We were happy and sad together. We watched Harry Potter and LotR. We consumed endless amounts of popcorn. Endless. We made music together. She made me feel so good. I hope I gave her the same.

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♥️ There’s a hole in my heart, and even though it’s been almost five years, it’s not healing. Like being struck by a Morgul blade, I don’t think this wound will ever really heal. I love you, Mimmi ♥️