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The Flow

I am not alone

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Joyful, satisfied, accomplished, valued. Safe. Thoughts and feelings in my head right now 😊

I find it amazing how one week can contain so much turmoil. Ups and downs. Intense sadness and happiness. Most of all I feel thankful for all that is given to me, even though some things are hard to deal with (this inside!). Sometimes I wonder, does everyone have these intense emotional shifts? If yes, I’m glad to be one of you. If no, I’m still glad for the emotional richness that has been given to me.

I’ve really been through an interesting journey with my coach, and realized there’s a whole universe within me that I never really explored before. Not like this. I thought I knew awareness, but it wasn’t true. I’m thinking, is the “inverse” bigger than the universe we know? Will I ever know me? Maybe I’m rambling. But I’m longing to know more, no matter how emotional it may be. I am not alone ♥️