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The Flow

Getting back into writing... With the most dangerous writing app!

Alright, so here it goes... I'm not in the Most Dangerous Writing app, which I'll be using as a warmup exercise to my actualy writing. But who knows, this may work well for that too!

I sat for a little while in the park today, and was thinking about why writing comes so slow to me nowadays. I looked at a bunch of people looking really silly in the park. I'm guessing it was some sort of training, but looked more like contemporary art type no-dance dance class (I know, it doesn't make sense). Then they started doing something that really looked like one of the warmup exercises we use in the gym quite a lot. Or at least I do, because it warms up the whole body, it's a lot of fun and it makes people laugh! So, right then and there I thought, "dang, what would happen if I started treating writing like training?!". And so I realized I need a good way to do just that. This super dangerous writing app, which will delete all my words in case I stop writing, is a great incentive to just GET THE DAMN WORDS OUT. And once the words flow, it'll be a lot easier to make sense of them and make something good out of it.

I have SO many thoughts, ideas and potential articles in my head that it's making me dizzy. And I'll be learning A LOT this fall, from doing research to my project, and from the new courses I'll be doing ad Edinburgh Napier University. I HAVE to have an outlet to make sure that I don't just waste them all, or get them tangled in my head. So this site will get active again, and if I stop for some reason, by all means, come challenge me to a duell!

If you want to get some unreal productivity help, visit and start writing.

Anyways. So I plan to start treating my writing more as actual training sessions. They’ll be scheduled, and they’ll start with a warmup. The warmup could be rambling, a blog post, a longer instagram post or something similar. Something to get me going. Then I’ll go into the session with the big blocks first (basically not edit myself). I’ll try to do this until I can’t really get more big blocks in. Then I’ll fine tune and sort out references etc. I’ll try to do a short cooldown/evaluation after a writing session. Basically just see what was good and what could be better, then use that feedback to create better writing sessions. My previous structure has pretty much been “sit in front of the computer until you’re bored enough and don’t have anything else to do but write”. It’s proven decently efficient, but veeeery time consuming!