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The Flow

First Week

Lecture about the Literature Review with Shenando Stals. Downloaded Mendeley, trying to learn it. Still thinking about formatting in word while writing, but I guess I'll get to that soon. 

Individual meeting with Tom Flint. Learned words for what I've been doing at the gym for the last four years. Got some interesting book tips, will invest as soon as I get funding. So for the project I can go either practical or speculative. Instinctively I want to go speculative, but I'll think about it a few more days (and play around with the little programming thingy I got to borrow). I can absolutely see how programming would benefit the project, but I believe that I know myself well enough right now, to know that it's a potential self confidence trigger. My thoughts go to the future - maybe if I can make a really good speculative design, and I still want to keep going on the interactive media route, I can deep dive into the field even more, and get into programming then. Having a good basis in the honours project would make it easier to stay motivated for programming - currently, as I don't know programming at all, I believe that not knowing the boundaries can either make me set a very low standard, or way too high for what I can produce. 

Group meeting with Tom Flint, and the other students under his supervision. It was interesting to hear about the other students ideas. But I feel completely out of this world - VR, 360, gaming. I'm struggling to know what they're saying. It might be the same for them though, considering I'm "from" the health field now. I got answers to all my questions about the learning contract, so I'm excited to get that done. My plan is to write a rough draft today or tomorrow (it's Wednesday now), and then look it over in the weekend before I submit it. 

My general plan is also to just get started asap. This is what I'm thinking in the next couple of weeks;

  • Identify search terms that may be interesting and relevant for my project (from both the medical and technical fields).

  • Start collecting and reading studies, save those who are relevant and dig deep into references. 

  • Start a blog to keep myself motivated and accountable.

  • Buy and read books that might be relevant to my project and to my presentation of the project.

  • Write a rough draft of the literature review, like a tiny one. Try to describe the problem, create a mock title, write some fluff and just have something to change. 

  • Write about 300-500 words a day (work days), just to keep writing, even if it's crap. 

The plan might change along the way, but I believe this is a good start.