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The Flow

I got this!

How difficult can it be?

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I’ve always liked having control and knowing what I’m doing. Starting up my company, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Ever since then, I’ve gained control, and I’ve lost it. It’s like a battle between “oh I think all is ok now”, “ermagerd this is boring we need to do moaaar” and “oh shit I’m not sure I was ready to jump off this cliff”. My personalities are all blessings, and curses, all mixed into one little brain, that sometimes cracks and blows up. 

I feel like Gollum, drawn to the ring, lusting for it in the shadows, but also feel like Sméagol, I want peace and safety. But damn safety is boring. I’d rather go after the ring. The One.

I stand on the brink of big possibilities - a year that can (and will) be my best ever business year. Despite the feelings of insecurity and longing for safety, I can wait to jump, jump jump jump, before I even get a chance to say stop. 

Because once your feet leaves the gotta trust your magic.