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The Flow

Massive picture update!

Who in their right mind would start a website to post their progress while starting a gym, and then not post a single picture of how it's going? Obviously I'm not in my right mind! Not that I didn't already know. Anyways, here are some progress pics, from everything to designing racks to painting, to printing shirts to training and all else!


  • Started planning the space - where to put everything!
  • February 14th - Starting up the company on Valentine's Day!
  • Got lots of free tires for flipping
  • Finished the logo
  • Signed the lease
  • Emptying the whole place
  • Received 3,6 tonnes of rubber flooring (about 300 sqm)
  • Got some nice media attention!
  • Making atlas stones! Started off with 13" and 15"
  • Got over 500 likes on Facebook
  • Started printing on hoodies
  • Got my own huge port (great for deliveries)
  • Played around with strength jewellery
  • Made a sign for the window for commercial!
  • Chose color of the machines
  • Cleaned ALL THE THINGS


  • Tried the atlas stones!
  • Rewielded the door to go inwards instead of out
  • Opened up a door next to the port
  • My nephew learned how to ride a bike
  • Lots of color planning
  • Started selling memberships and hoodies!
  • Got the first 3D layouts of the gym
  • Spend a lot of time designing racks and speaking in millimeters
  • Started working on the wooden platforms
  • Got rid of the awful swimming centre look in the stair and painted it a fresh white!


  • Got the sound system in place!
  • Put up the stone platform and the crossfit rig (that I designed myself!)
  • Laid down the turf.
  • Cleaned out the last of the ventilation system.
  • Got new 3D pics and a video of what the gym would look like.
  • Built three 50mm wooden platforms.
  • Changed all the lighting from 400w mercury to 60w LED.
  • Built the reception area (so much time spent at IKEA!)
  • Fixed the oily floors and painted them (I'll never paint floors again!)
  • Did my first ever plumbing!


  • Fixed the ugly stair, finally!
  • Got everything sorted in the changing rooms and corridors in the basement.
  • Got all the main equipment delivered from Eleiko and Hammer Strength, plus some extras from Strength Shop and Rogue Fitness
  • Set up all the mirrors (we now hate mirrors)
  • Built the stretch area
  • Laid down all the rubber flooring
  • Installed the entry access system
  • Organized a Barbelles Meetup before the official opening - success! We also had a
  • August 11 - Sneap peak opening for the presale customers. Lots of stuff was still in the works but people were happy to come in and train anyways!
  • August 30th - Opening day! We had about 300 visitors, crazy good for an opening! US Muscle Shop was there to sell supplements, Celsius had a drink stand, we had free hot dogs for all. I broke a chain with my bare hands ! RAWR!


  • Had an entrepreneur network over that were interested in the gym
  • Released our app for news and booking classes
  • Started running classes & PT
  • Printed on pants and sold lots of clothing
  • Strongman class was a success!
  • People were really appreciative of the whole project :D


  • More classes!
  • Got nominated as "Best Gym" to Guldhjärtat, it's like the Oscar's for Sweden's fitness industry.
  • Made more atlas stones! Now from 30-100kg.
  • Signed up for Precision Nutrition Level 1