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The Flow

Productivity Hangover

20180314 Headache demon.jpeg

So we meet again, Headache. You soul crushing demon from the abyss. Like color in water, you slowly spread out into my whole being. Aching, hurting. Damn you to hell.

I was very productive yesterday. I recently told you that I can’t really work my 10-12 hours days anymore because I can’t function for that long. It’s more like 3-4 good hours, then my brain stops. I did practical stuff yesterday though, so the brain fog/death isn’t as obvious. I felt like I could just keep on going. So I got a good day of about 14 hours in yesterday (and extremely happy with the results!). But holy crap! I woke up, with the intense feeling of having been run over by a train/truck/jumbo jet. Ache, ache, ache. My spine felt like a mushy banana. My neck, like a bruised and too ripe avocado. The ones you cut up, and they’re all stiff on the outside, but there’s nothing on the inside (RIP avocado 🥑).

I am suffering through what I call a Productivity Hangover. It’s when you simply had too much of the good stuff, and now you need to be punished. And you’ll say “I’ll never work this much again”. Until next time that is, because you’ll forget what this feels like very very soon. Like tomorrow. Maybe even tonight. And you’ll start chasing it. The Productivity High. When you get shit done. When you feel amazing and like you’re on top of things. You have control. You make beautiful things. You’re creative. Oh, and then you die a little, when you suffer through your next Productivity Hangover. 😣