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Visionary - Explorer - Leader

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Strength has deep roots

Born an inventor with an entrepreneurial soul, it was always a given that I'd start my own company and find my own path through life. I don't think I ever felt like I belong somewhere - until I met the women from my network Barbelles, and then, at the sanctuary that is Massive Performance.

Barbelles was founded as I was burning myself out at Edinburgh Napier University. I found support, love and sisterhood in such an unexpected place, and I have many thanks to give to everyone who has been a part of the Barbelles community. After my best friend passed away early in 2013, Barbelles was there for me, taking me through a time that was black as night and heavier than anything I knew. Finding my strength was crucial - and I found it. I had it in me all along, buried in a lot of self doubt, perfectionism and pressure. As I was building my body, I also built up my mind.

The community and support of Barbelles made me want to recreate the same environment as a physical place rather than an online community, and that is when the idea of Massive was born. A place to nourish mental wellness as well as physical wellness, along with a strong social network and the right competence to help people be the best versions of themselves.


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Flow and Movement

The love of movement has always been with me, not necessarily ME moving, but studying things that move. From my first early years on the horseback, to then teaching others, moving on to classical fencing and later strength training, and now being a trainer, almost all the things I've ever enjoyed involve technical movement that can be perfected and has an artistic flow.

I think of pretty much anything in life as a flow, and where the flow stops, life stops. Which then brings me to my ultimate fear - stopping and not learning, developing or moving on. Like Eowyn says in Lord of the Rings, being stuck in a cage.