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Hello world!

Creating a thriving community

What I Do

Massive Performance is more than a training facility. It is a social platform that let's you become more, not less.

By working actively with creating the best possible customer experience, we've managed to build one of the best training facilities in the world. If you, like me, are a heart centered business wo/man, this is the most sustainable way to build a strong foundation for you business, and ensure customer loyalty for life. Love the way you work.

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the Barbelles OG's

Massive Performance

It was a dark path that led me to open Massive Performance in 2014. Sjöbo is a small town in the south of Sweden, not at all known for amazing training possibilities, or anything unusual really. This is the story about how it all came to be >>


Happy Crew & Members

Customer Experience

How do you know that your customer gets the 'right' impression of your business? How do you measure their experience after using your services? And if the customer is unhappy, what do you do about it? Read more about my work with customer experience here >>

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Listen, Learn, Apply

Isa Olsson

I have been inventing things as far back as I can remember, I love deep interactions with people and I just can't stop thinking about how to design experiences. I also have a great love for cats, Wonder Woman and spending time with my own thoughts (or a good book). Get to know me here >>