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About Talks & Workshops

For inquiries about my talks and workshops, it's easiest to shoot me an email letting me know who you are, what you need and a basic outline of what you are interested in. Then we can schedule a call to talk more.

Examples of talks & workshops

  • Member/Client Onboarding
  • Creating a Strong Community & Company Culture
  • Team Management & Self Leadership
  • Creating the Right Conditions & Environments for Growth

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About Training with Me

I take on a very limited number of online clients myself, but I have a very good network of highly skilled trainers I can recommend in case I don't have spots or if we're not a good fit. I work mainly with women who struggle with pain, and so it is important that we only work together if we are a great fit. I also offer group training programs for those who are mostly looking to get strong and learn to lift.

Let me know

  • Tell me about yourself and your training/injury background
  • Do you have any goals?
  • Let me know how much time you are interested in investing in your health
  • Give me a few available dates for scheduling a consultation call


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